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Eurobond Industrial Adhesives

Welcome to our Onlineshop!

Eurobond Technologies supplys adhesives of highest quality and long shelf life. Besides our well known Industrial high performance CA based anaerobic adhesives we supply epoxy based glues, Methacrylate adhesives, Fabric glue, Cleaner, Remover, Filler, Primer, Activator-Accelerator, Self-emulgamating tapes, strong hold for gluing almost all materials and material combinations like, wood, metals like steel, aluminum, copper, brass, stainless,... etc., porcelain, china, horn, pearls, glass, PMMA, rubber, ABS, lexan, stone, PMMA, PVC, leather soles, and all common plastics.

Important note:
For gluing difficult so called "fat plastics" like polypropylene or silicone rubbers use our Primer as a pre-treatment before using the industrial CA glue.

Eurobond Industrial Adhesives - products of highest quality and long shelf life. Our products are suitable for almost all materials and material combinations. Please chose your products from our great variety.

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