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Industrial CA adhesive 20g

EUROBOND® industrial adhesive is a highly distilled, single component, solvent free CA adhesive. QUALITY – Eurobond industrial adhesive is a high quality product of modern chemistry. It represents a sensational development in the field of adhesive technology. It is based on alpha-cyano-acrylate ester. The quality of adhesives is depending on its degree of distillation.
The higher the degree of distillation the better the adhesive’s bonding results. Besides it influences the storability, ageing process and curing time.
Our products are distilled multiply. This process takes several days and results to highest adhesive quality ever.
Consumer superglues are produced within a few hours and are of minor quality, get hard in the bottle and the adhering strength is weak.
Eurobond is the result of many years of research and professional processing. For manufacturing reasons it is almost impossible to obtain a higher degree of distillation.
ONE FOR ALL – The above mentioned facts explain our adhesive’s almost unlimited range of adhering possibilities. Eurobond also meets the highest demands in terms of elasticity, resistance to cold and heat, and to chemicals. It is totally unaffected by water.Its outstanding characteristics are:simple preparation with no component mixing necessary, quick setting even on absorbent surfaces, and almost unbelievable adhesion.
Its reaction starts by deprivation of oxygen. It is quickly reacting on almost all surfaces.
EUROBOND Industrial Adhesive is suitable for wood, metals like steel, aluminum etc., porcelain, china, horn, glass, PMMA, rubber, ABS, lexan, stone, PMMA, PVC, leather soles, and all common plastics.
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