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How to apply Eurobond Industrial Adhesive

How to apply: Unscrew white cap and carefully cut off part of tip to create a small hole. Warning: Hold tip off your body while creating a whole. Liquid might splash.
For our bottles with blue dot in cap: Unsrew only upper part, bottle is already open, so you do not need to cut or pierce open.
Clean surfaces well with our Cleaner and afterwards apply glue on one surface only in a thin layer. Press items together. Deprive of oxygen!
Not suitable for cloth, PE. In case of uneven surfaces or broken off parts use our Eurobond Filler!
After use dry tip with piece of cloth, screw cap on again and store adhesive at room temperatue!
Eurobond is no glue that needs to be stored in fridge like regular superglues! Regular room temperature is ok. Prevent direct sunlight, close cap carefully after use and store in dry and dark area. Keeping cool will increase the self life of course!
For bonding PE, PP or even silicone rubbers use our Primer on both surfaces for pre-treatment and then the regular glue.
Metal gluing: Besides well cleaning metals should also be sanded to remove the oxydation before applying glue.

Warning according to law: Keep glue away from children as there is still a chance of gluing skin together!